Just bring yourself. Enjoy Camping.

Grand opening of camping catering service in March 2023.

How to enjoy

How to enjoy Placamp

Do you feel like camping, but camping gear is expensive, and setting up a tent is a hassle for you?

Use Placamp. You can enjoy the outdoor adventure without the need to bring anything with you.

No need to set up

We set up a fashionable and cool campsite at the location you choose.

No need to bring anything

Just bring your clothes, a toothbrush, and other personal items. We provide tools for cooking and a bonfire too.。

No need to break down

You don’t have to break down the campsite and tidy things up. It’s hassle-free.

Just brig yourself. Enjoy Camping

Steps to enjoy Placamp


Choose your tent & gear

From solo camping to duo or family camping,
choose your tent and gear according to the number of people and style.

Choose your campground

From beachside to mountains, and a horse park,
choose your location among 6 campgrounds according to your purpose.
Get the latest info about events and attractions around the campgrounds on TOPICS.


Go to the campground!


Buy food for camping meals

(*Not included in the basic charge)

Get local ingredients at nearby farmer’s markets or supermarkets!
Our optional “Placamp Dining” service can offer local ingredients with recipes at your campsite.


at your campground

Cooking is fun. But before that, why don’t you play on the field or the beach? Maybe reading books will be relaxing.
Follow the campground’s rules and enjoy Placamp!


After the camp the next day, just check out.
You don’t need to break down your campsite.

Our staff will take out your garbage.
Please separate trash according to the campground’s rules.

Large one-pole tent from the popular Scandinavian brand "NORDISK"

NORDISK Asgard 19.6&Kari 12

NORDISK Asgard 19.6&Kari12

Up to6person

【Regular price】

  • One night ¥65,000
  • 2 nights ¥100,000
  • 3 nights ¥135,000

Vintage tent from Eastern Europe with three inner compartments.



Up to6person

【Regular price】

  • One night ¥65,000
  • 2 nights ¥100,000
  • 3 nights ¥135,000

Professional-use shelter with an inner tent from a popular brand.

snow peak Living Shell Long Pro.

snow peak Living Shell Long Pro.

Up to4person

【Regular price】

  • One night ¥60,000
  • 2 nights ¥90,000
  • 3 nights ¥120,000

Casual tent from snow peak for a duo/family.

snow peak Amenity Dome M

snow peak Amenity Dome M

Up to2person

【Regular price】

  • One night ¥35,000
  • 2 nights ¥55,000
  • 3 nights ¥75,000

Professional-use tent for a solo camper from a popular brand "snow peak"

snow peak Land Breeze Pro.1

Snow Peak Land Breeze Pro.1

Up to1person

【Regular price】

  • One night ¥25,000
  • 2 nights ¥35,000
  • 3 nights ¥45,000


Placamp Dining

※The image is for illustration purposes.

One of the joys of camping is cooking and eating with gusto. Placamp Dining offers finest camping meals using local specialties, seasonal vegetables, and seafood. We deliver a set of ingredients, seasonings, and necessary cooking utensils as well as the recipe. Why don’t you try a little luxurious Placamp Dining meal with local gems?