About Tableware Subscription Service “KIGAE”


Maybe you are wondering why the tableware on our website is made of porcelain, not melamine or metal.


It’s because we are using a tableware subscription service “KIGAE” launched in Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki. You can rent any Hasami ware any time you want.



The concept of the service is “changing plates like changing clothes.


KIGAE representative Mr. Matsuo has seen dead stock in a warehouse of his family’s Hasami-ware wholesale trading company since he was a child. He decided to create the tableware sharing system to shed light on the gems in the warehouse and utilized them.


The participants of this service are local Hasami-ware potteries and trading companies. They will bring dormant tableware lying in the warehouses back to life again.




Placamp is subscribing to this KIGAE. So, you can visit Hasami-cho before camping and choose and rent tableware that goes well with your dinner menu.


Then, you will find different usability and enjoyment from melamine or metal camping dinnerware.


If you wish to use “KIGAE”, let us know when you make a reservation.


After your camp stay, our staff will return the rented ware to KIGAE. They will be used by the next user after a cleaning process. So please use it with care.