Our Terms and Conditions

For you to enjoy a safe and secure camping experience, we at Placamp are setting several rules for you to follow.

Please observe the following rules, prohibitions, precautions, public order, and morals when using our service.

If you don’t abide by the rules, instructions for improvement will be given.

Those who violate the instructions too, they may be asked to leave the premise on the spot day or night. In that case, no refunds will be made for the rental charge, and for others. And they will be refused to use our service again.

We are not responsible for any theft, accidents, or any other problems that may occur in the campground. Please be careful when camping.

Please make reservations and use the campground only if you understand and agree to the following Terms and Conditions (TC).

The TC may be updated based on customer feedback, so check them each time you make a reservation.

In addition, the TC of each campground takes precedence over our TC. Please strictly abide by it.


Please read the Terms of Use that we will send to you upon booking confirmation.

Check-in and check-out times vary depending on the campground and time of year. Be sure to check the terms of use at the time of reservation confirmation.


You must keep the facilities clean and be considerate of others when using common areas (water, toilets, parking, etc.).


【Rules】(We would appreciate your cooperation to ensure that all campground users have a pleasant and comfortable stay.)

・Sleeper-priority time zone starts at 10:00 p.m. You must stay quiet after that for sleeping people and children.

・As for musical instruments, only acoustic instruments without amplifiers are allowed to play until 9 p.m.

・Sound of music players must not exceed more than a 5-meter radius. You must use earphones or headphones after 9:00 p.m.

・Loud fireworks and skyrocket fireworks are prohibited.

・You must not use an open fire. Please use the fire pits and fire sheets provided.

・We are not responsible for any theft of money and other valuables, or damage caused by troubles between campers.

・Miners must stay with one adult and more in each tent.


【Cars and Bikes】

・You must follow the traffic rules and drive responsibly and carefully.

・In the event of an accident, you must contact the police and take appropriate actions.

・Please refrain from idling your car in order to consider the environmental protection and health of the surrounding campers and residents.

・We are not responsible for any troubles that may occur in the campground.



・In the event of a fire or accident, please call our office emergency number (090-7399-9003) as soon as possible.

・In case of injury or illness, you must call directly each contact in charge on the contact list.

・In the event of thunderstorms or heavy rain, please evacuate to a shelter designated by the campground. You must clean the evacuation site and leave them in the same condition as when you arrived.



・Alcoholic beverages are free to bring in. Smoking is allowed only in accordance with the campground rules. Please be considerate of others around you.

・Please refrain from bringing valuables into the campground if possible. When you must do, please take responsibility for their safekeeping.

・In case of rain, you can dig ditches for drainage, but you must backfill the ditches before checking out.

・Some campgrounds don‘t have enough outside lights and are not well-lit. Please use your own lights or the LED lanterns provided. You must not use gas lanterns or other combustion lamps when moving around or in your tent.

・Our staff will take care of your trash. Please just separate your trash according to campground rules.

・You must not use any electrical outlets in the building facilities other than those provided at your campsite. Please don’t use them for charging your phones, etc.

・You must not damage trees and plants and collect plants without permission. Please stay away from broken trees and other hazardous areas and notify the management staff immediately.



Pets are not allowed in the campground.


【Cancellation Policy】

(A)When you wish to cancel your reservation on or after the 20th day counting back from the day before the date of use (excluding the cases listed in B to E), 20% of the usage fee will be charged.

(B)When you wish to cancel your reservation on or after the 7th day counting back from the day before the start of the usage day (excluding the cases listed in C to E), 30% of the Usage Fee will be charged.

(C)When you wish to cancel your reservation on the day before the date of use, 40% of the usage fee will be charged.

(D)When you wish to cancel your reservation on the day of use (excluding the cases listed in E), 50% of the usage fee will be charged.

(E)When you wish to cancel your reservation or no-show after the starting time of use, 100% of the usage fee will be charged. If the cancellation is due to rain or other inclement weather, no cancellation fee will be charged.


<Fees and Payment>

Fees vary depending on the time of year. Please check the quoted price for details.

Payments can be made only by credit cards or bank transfers to the designated account.


<Inclement Weather>

In principle, we will close our service when it rains.

In such cases, we will cancel your reservation without the cancellation fee.

If a weather warning or emergency warning is issued after sunset on the day of use, full payment will be refunded. Please give the highest priority to your safety, make a quick decision for an evacuation and act accordingly. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for the evacuation made by your own decisions.


【Risks to Users】

The campground is not a place where safety is guaranteed.

There are various risks such as accidents caused by wild boars and other animals, fallen trees by strong winds, gusts of wind, and lightning strikes. There are also risks of child distress, car accidents, theft, and more.

We accept reservations from those who can assume all the risks while coexisting with nature and agree to use a campground in a range of self-responsibility.

As Placamp managers, we do our best to prevent accidents, conduct maintenance, and provide necessary explanations. But we believe that your understandings and thoughtful actions are the keys to their safe and enjoyable stay. If you don’t agree and empathize with us about the above, we will not allow you to use the campground’s facilities.


【Refusal of Use】

In the following cases, we may refuse his/her use (or reservation) of campgrounds.

・When any behaviors that offend the law or public order and morals are recognized.

・When any behaviors that may cause a nuisance to other guests are recognized.

・Use by a crime syndicate, a company affiliated with a crime syndicate, or their equivalents, or their members (hereinafter referred to as ” antisocial groups”).

・When the purpose of use may be contrary to the business purpose of ” Placamp”.

・When he/she has caused any trouble in the past stay. (This includes violation of the cautions and rules from our staff.)

・Specific tents such as cotton tents may not be allowed to use if the weather forecast calls for rain.

・We will notify a representative of your group if it is deemed necessary to cancel the use of the facility due to inclement weather, etc.


If you have any other questions, please contact the Placamp office (Tel: 0956-59-8291, Mobile: 090-7399-9003).

E-mail: enjoy@placamp.com