My thoughts on Camping Catering Service “Placamp”

I have been camping for nearly 25 years since I started when my kids reached the age of reason.

At the time, we stayed a maximum of 54 nights per year. My most memorable trip was a three-week trip around Hokkaido with our camping gear loaded onto a four-wheel drive vehicle.

It’s not too much to say that I spent my parenting period with a huge addiction to camping.

However, these days of immersing myself in nature came to an end when my work became busy, and my kids entered middle school. Preparing and cleaning up the camp gear was my and the kids’ jobs since there was a rule: my wife didn’t need to do anything and had to be our guest. But each family member started his or her own life.

Eighteen years later, I had grandkids and retired from my work. Then, I decided to dive into the world of camping again to play with my grandkids in nature.


My wife made fun of this situation in this poem.


You wanted your grandkids to experience nature.

You visited a sports shop,

But its price tags made you stressed out.

After you purchased camping gear,

You went to a campground.

But setting up a tent made you stressed out.

You went camping to get rid of stress.

But the preparation, luggage, and cleanup…

Made you stressed out.


Well anyway,


I believe that camping is about enjoying inconvenience and hassles.

On the other hand, I would be happy many people can enjoy nature without any hassles, especially on the wonderful campgrounds around Sasebo city.

I would be happy to share the joy of camping with you.